Wednesday, May 23, 2012

It's Just So Hard To Choose!

Have you seen Sleep Under the Stars in Quilt Sampler yet? Isn't it gorgeous? Love this quilt. The Swirly Girls outdid themselves on this one! 
The only problem is deciding which version to make- they are all beautiful! 
There's the elegant black and white:

And the classic red and white:

And the serene blue and white. How does one decide?!

I'm going classic red and white. :)  Which one will you choose? 
All of the above quilts are available as kits at the shop! And we ship, too!

If you're a regular at the shop, you know that  one thing that is constant is change! We like to keep you on your toes and shower you with samples that will delight and inspire you. That's why the shop doesn't look like it does in the magazine! We've been playing. :) 

So, here's a few shots of what you'll see when you walk in the doors, for now. 

Because you never know when those little fabric-moving elves will strike!

They are very tricky.

At least they clean up after themselves!

I think that is part of the fun here at AST!

My sister says that coming to our shop is like going to an amusement park!

A fabric-covered amusement park-

a Super Silly Fun Land for quilters! (Quick, name that movie?!)

So, stop in and stay a while.

 You will have the best time. Promise!

PS- Ken and Karen just got back from Quilt Market this week! Be prepared to see some really cool things arriving in the shop soon!

Monday, May 7, 2012

We May Have Been Stripping........

It was the first Saturday of the month which meant it was the day we met for Strip Club!
We had the best time. We always do!
Of course, we started off the morning with a show and tell gallery and it was awesome!

Diane started off the show with her Bold and Beautiful (Laura's newest bundle pattern) quilt made from one of our hundreds of 5 yard bundles! How pretty is that?

Lisa Marie was busy as a bee making disappearing four patch baby quilts in pink, green and purple!

Last month's pattern was Stars from Stripes and Terri made hers with a silvery gray background and a waving flags border! Beautiful. :) 

Wanda not only finished her top but had it quilted and bound for show and tell! I love the floral border!

She also brought her Electric Slide baby quilt that she made at last month's quilter's retreat and,

this gorgeous blooming nine patch! Wanda, when do you sleep?

Angie made two Stars from Stripes quilts, one for Quilts of Valor

and one for a family member that is serving in the military! Angie, you're the best!

Gerri's Stars from Stripes quilt will also be donated to Quilts of Valor. We have the most giving customers! 

This is Karen. This is Karen's teeny, tiny Stars from Stripes quilt.

This is the close up of Karen's teeny, tiny Stars from Stripes quilt. Are you kidding me? 

It is made 1/12th scale, stitched by hand and then hand quilted. 

To really give you the scale of this quilt, here it is in comparison to a quarter. 
Oh. My. Gosh. I cannot wait to see next month's mini quilt!

Look at all of these strippers waiting their turn for show and tell!

Teeny tiny quilter, Karen's, sister, Susan, ( got that?) finished her Braid Works quilt and it is very, very pretty.

She also made this darling cowboy themed baby quilt! The center square has quilted cowboy boots!

Gail chose a vibrant blue background for her Stars from Stripes quilt. You can always count on Gail to change it up and make a pattern all her own!

Barb came with a finished Paradise Found quilt top in perfect pinks and greens along with

her finished tumbler top from last month's Block Busters class! It's so cute! Just like Barb.

Tick, tick, tick. How does Lynn spend her time waiting for her upcoming wedding? By quilting, of course!

Making projects like the very popular Mondo bag and

taking Mary's Advanced Beginning Quilting class or

whipping up a bundle pattern like Bold and Beautiful, or

taking Mary's String Quilt Revival class! Gee, whiz! I hope you don't quilt your way through the big day! Ahahahahaha! ;)

Deanna shared the very sporting fishing themed quilt that she made for her husband, who was with her at Strip Club and very proud of his wife's handiwork! 

Don't you love a Jelly Roll 1600 quilt? Deanna's is made using a Dragonfly Summer jelly roll. This quilt has sweet memories for Deanna, who was brought up in grape country in Pennsylvania. The fabric includes grape leaves!

Mona's fab, fa, fab Stars from Stripes quilt! I really love this one. 

Carol got in some sewing time between conversations last month and finished her quilt in a queen size! Carol is an Air Force veteran, having served for 18 1/2 years! Thank you, Carol. You rock!

Linda also made a beautiful Stars from Stripes quilt with a starry striped border. It gives her quilt a bit of a vintage look!

Chandra decided that she would make Paradise Found as her very. first. quilt. ever! It's awesome!

Our own Cookie-Candy-Cricket snapped up one of our bundles and made Lightening Strikes, a pattern designed by our own Mary! Way to go, AST Divas! 

And check our this sweet Matryoshka Santa table runner she made! It's so cute!

Once show and tell was over, the time was turned over to Sherrie to explain May's strip club pattern. 

Everyone gave her their full attention so they would be able to go home and get sewing!

Did you think I would forget Kris? Nope. Here he is trying to hide the fact that he did not get his Stars from Stripes quilt finished. Really, it's beautiful and you could have shared it, pal. 

Before I show you the next Strip Club quilt, I wanted to give you a sneak peek of the next block of the month pattern! It's called Be Merry!, and it's so stinking cute! 

Suzette made our samples and she did a fabulous job on them. You can choose from two different fabric choices- Jovial, as shown here, or 

a batik version! Don't you love them? 
You can sign up for this block of the month on Saturday, May 12! 

Okay, now here's June's strip club quilt-

The pattern is Sky Lanterns and Angela chose a great selection of Asian- inspired fabrics for the strip set.
I think we're going to have another great strip club next month, don't you?