Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Well, It Goes Like This....

 Every now and then a little something will float in and out through my brain. My kids will tell you that's a scary place to be. I love my children. Anyway, I was invited to a birthday party for a one year-old last year and needed a present. I'm all about making gifts for children, if at all possible. I love the idea of a child carrying a gift through their childhood- something special and unique not something you would find on a store shelf- instead of tossing it in the back of the closet. Thus, Patty Cat was born.

If you happened upon my sewing studio whilst I'm creating, you would cringe. And, probably agree with my children! I don't draw patterns, I cut them out with scissors and old file folders. And I don't start with a sketch, instead it's more of a picture in my head. Which can be tricky, because of that floating in and out thing.

But, in the end, I am usually pleased with the result. A little tweaking here and there and I end up with something that resembles what I was seeing with my mind's eye. Sometimes, it's even better than I expected. I feel that way about Patty Cat. And, so, when I saw that The Swirly Girls were holding a Show Us Your Poppy Love Challenge, I knew my little kitty needed to be a part of it!
We carry the Vintage version of Poppy Love at the shop. It happens to be my favorite.
I had been buying up little pieces of it here and there, so I just needed to add the fabrics for the Poppy Love Patchy Picnic quilt. Off to the sewing studio...............

I love making this cat with her spindly arms and legs and saucer eyes surrounded by fluttery lashes. Working with beautiful fabrics makes the process all the more enjoyable.
I got her made, whipped up the quilt and sat her upon a wicker basket on the side porch of my house. I borrowed some of my mother's miniature ironstone tea set and Patty Cat was ready for her picnic. Snapping a photo, I sent it in and waited. And guess what?


She won! Patty Cat and her Poppy Love Patchy Picnic quilt won in the small project category! Isn't that amazing? I am so thrilled and grateful.
While you are visiting The Swirly Girls' blog, take a peek at the other winners. Seriously, the quilt is gorgeous and the little dresses are amazing!
(A little side note- whenever I write the word gorgeous, I hear it in Haley Mills' voice in Pollyanna when Nancy shows her her engagement ring as the doctor carries Pollyanna to the car. Don't judge.)
Thank you, Susan and Christine, for loving Patty Cat. She loves you back.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Romantic Summer

I decided to begin with the end, mainly because this quilt is so lovely and soft and dreamy.
The pattern is Pirouette by Cozy Quilt Designs and the fabric is Paris Flea Market by Moda. Combined with a creamy background and a warm toasty Moda Primitive Muslin, it's the perfect combination for a summer wedding quilt, don't you think? 

Show and Tell was full of wonderful things, like Cookie's Starlight Express quilt. The pattern was from last year's Holly Days and is designed by our own Laura Coons. (She will always be "our" Laura!) Speaking of Holly Days, you won't want to miss it this year! Holly Days runs from July 11-August 3, 2013. The shops have tons of fun things planned so put it on your calendar!!

Jackie brought this adorable French Roses quilt made with Kaffe Fassett lusciousness. The pattern is by Heather French and it is a stunner!

The Scarlet Strippers!

Gail finished up her Grammy's Buttons, by The Teacher's Pet, in juicy batiks. Gail picked up a few of them while on her cruise to the Bahamas last year! A quilter will always find fabric!

Gail also tried her hand at the Midi Bag by QuiltSmart. These bags are so easy to whip up using the specialty grid interfacing and a Bali Pop or set o f 2 1/2 inch strips.

Diane shared this gorgeous quilt that came from a shop hop in Ohio. In 2005. It doesn't matter how long something takes, the result is still the same! Love the colors in this one.

If you've been to the shop since our shop hop, then you have seen DeAnna's black and white string quilt hanging near the business office. This is Diane's amazing string quilt made in the same class- String Quilt Revival with Mary. All of the quilts that have been made in this class come from the book String Quilt Revival by Virginia Baker and Barbara Sanders. I really need to get a copy!

Jody always brings something different and this month she brought a.......CAT BED!! Really, this is too beautiful to be a cat bed but, that is what it is. Jody puts a little wool fleece in it and her cats are in heaven. Lucky cats, huh?

Sue completed her Daybreak quilt from May's strip club! Love, love this quilt! This is technically her very first finished quilt top! I bet it isn't her last.

What goes here, there and everywhere?

Jan's free-motion quilting, which you can find here-

on her New York Beauty wall quilt! Gosh, this is pretty.

The squares in this quilt are from Jan's sister-in-law, left to Jan after she passed away. Jan used an artful eye to assemble these blocks into a quilt that will allow memories to be brought to mind for years to come. This is an incredible quilt.

So, just for something a little easy and fun, Jan whipped up a self-binding baby blanket. You gotta love soft flannel in bright happy colors!

I'm leaving you with a treat. It's a close-up of the False Blue Indigo (Baptisia Australis) that grows in my garden. The treat this year is that it bloomed! I haven't seen a blossom on this plant since 2003. I guess I could have ripped it out of the ground and cast it in the compost pile, but I held out high hopes for this little plant and it came through with flying colors. So, I guess the moral of this tale is be patient and kind. You never know when you will receive something beautiful. :)