Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The Heart of the Matter

I missed last month. I have a good reason why I didn't get to take photos of the strip club quilts in May- I wasn't there. I was at the hospital with The Hubs. It was a bit of a surprise visit- one minute we were waiting for a heart cath and the next minute he was whisked off to Piedmont Atlanta for, what would prove to be, quadruple bypass surgery. Yep, when he does something, he goes big. He really needs to stop that. Just sayin'. He's on the mend, back to work and dealing with a few issues that popped up but, all in all, he's a-okay. 
Also a-okay were the June strip club quilts! Oh, my, there were some beautiful quilts to be seen, large and small, short and tall. 
Let's start with small, shall we? 

Karen has been playing with her Baby Lock embroidery machine! Check out this darling baby quilt made for this precious little baby girl.