Monday, October 31, 2016

Wear Your Hobby!

Chances are you probably won't meet a quilter who isn't proud of their hobby and the work they do. Just like your son who wears sports tees everywhere or your daughter who has 10 million t-shirts from school clubs and events, you too should have some apparel that shows off your hobby! There are some wonderful companies out there that make clothing just for us quilters!

Below I've put together some of my personal favorites.
These would be great Christmas gifts... just saying!

Click on the link below each picture to be redirected to purchase the item. 

Quilt Superpower T-Shirt from Tee Spring
Vintage Sewing Machine Shirt from Stately Type

Quilt Shop Hero from I Love Quilting Forever
Quilting Steps Shirt from Stately Type
Makers Gonna Make Hoodie from Stately Type
Patchwork Heart V-Neck from Patchwork Threads
Stitcher T-Shirt from Stately Type
Sewing Heartbeat Shirt from I Love Quilting
Love Quilt Raglan from Stately Type
Finished is Better Than Perfect Shirt from Patchwork Threads
WIP It Good Tee from Stately Type

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Tayler Robins said...

Great Post Kaitlin! I love my Netflix and Quilt Shirt!