Monday, November 21, 2016

AST Christmas Gift Guide 2016 - Part 1

Last year the AST staff put together a list of their favorite products from both the sewing center and the quilt shop and called it the AST Gift Guide. Since it was such a hit last year we have decided to do it again with a new set of our favorite products! This will be a two-day guide, with today's post being about our favorite items from the quilt shop side of the store! Tomorrow check back for our favorite products from the sewing center!

If you're not familiar with how this works, here's what will happen. We have asked all of our staff members to tell us their favorite products from both the sewing center & the quilt shop! Then we put the products all together in this handy little gift guide, so you can get the quilter in your life the perfect gift this Christmas, or you can try some new products, and give yourself a little something!

Double Wide Dresden Ruler - Karen (aka Mamaw)

"Totally excited about the Double Wide Dresden ruler from Me and My Sister Designs! Uses both ends of the blade to create a star effect! Nice!" Plus keep an eye out for this ruler as part of a special coming up soon! (:

Pink Sand Beach Patterns - Kaitlin

"I have recently started making different bags and I am hooked on Pink Sand Beach patterns! They are very informative, well written, and have great pictures to show you each step. My current favorite is the Fiji Tote (pictured above); just 7 fat quarters and some interfacing and you've got an adorable tote bag that comes together in a snap!"

Creative Grids Round Up Tool - Karin (aka Mins)

"My favorite quilting side product is the Creative Grids Round Up Tool. Oh, boy is that thing fun! Circles, petals, teardrops, leaves, you name it, this little gadget makes them all a snap. It's also great for paper so you can, you know, make fun stuff for packages, decorations, etc. I love things that are versatile like that."

Lace Zippers - Jill 

Jill's favorite products are our new lace zippers. They add a special touch to any project and come in a wide variety of colors. Try one out for your next bag or garment project!

Thangles - Mary

"I love the accuracy you get when using Thangles to make half-square triangles from strips, and the Project Packs are so convenient with the instructions and correct size Thangles included." We carry a wide variety of size of Thangles in store, so come give them a try for your next half-square triangle project!

505 Temporary Adhesive Spray - Laurie

"Love it when spray basting quilts. Great for embroidery items that can't be hopped." 505 Spray is super versatile and chances are you've probably heard us recommend it before. We love this stuff at AST!

Wool Scrap Bags, Bundles, and Tools - Susan

"For this year, my favorites would be the wonderful wool scrap bags and bundles that have been added to our shelves just to call to me as I walk buy. If you've taken one of my wool classes this past summer, you know you must save all your scrap because you never know what you might need. There are lots of great color combinations to choose from too! Also on my list are the Karen Kay Buckley scissors. They are nice and sharp...perfect for tiny wool pieces. Add a few balls of Valdani thread, and I am a happy girl!!"

Crayola Fabric Markers - Makenzie

"I love the new Crayola Fabric Markers!! They are super fun and easy to use. (:" These markers are great for letting your kids or grandkids color their own fabric to use in a project, like a pillow case!

Karen Kay Buckley Adjustable Rulers - Tayler & Melisa 

(must be really good if two staff members chose it!)

Tayler says - "I want one of those new puzzle rulers! They break apart into small sections to make them super easy to store and to take with you to classes. Plus they come in different sizes that great for all kinds of projects"

Melisa says - "The Karen Kay Buckley 3" and 6" adjustable rulers are my new favorite gadget. Have you ever gone to class with a 12" ruler, but needed a 24"? Or how many 24" rulers have you inadvertently broken because they're so unwieldy to pack? These rulers can prevent all that! The five ruler pieces come packaged in a felt storage bag, and snap together seamlessly to create whichever length you need. The markings are clear and include 30, 45 and 60 degree angles. I love the convenience of having all the sizes together and the portability of the small bag - just throw it in your bag and always have the ruler length you need!

Mini Design Boards - Charla 

"These design boards are great for those smaller blocks that you're piecing! They really help you keep all of the pieces in one place and see how the block will look when it's finished." We carry these boards in two different sizes 10 x 10 and 18 x 18. Both sizes are great for sitting on your sewing table while making blocks.  

Frixion Pens - Ruthy

Frixion Pens are great for many things! They work for embroidery, half square triangles, and so much more. The lines fade easily with a press of the iron! We carry plenty of colors so you can choose your favorite! The highlighters are great for patterns too!

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