Saturday, February 7, 2009

Saturdays Are For Stripping!

On the first Saturday of the month women from miles around gather together at A Scarlet Thread for strip club. Known as the Scarlet Strippers, they arrive in the early hours of the morning to receive their "strip kit", a cute little box that contains the strips of fabric needed for a new quilt as well as the new pattern. It is an event that is anxiously awaited by each and every one in attendance.
Karen Taylor, the vibrant owner of the shop, grabs the attention of the strippers the moment she steps to the front of the room. This girl knows how to hold an audience! The first order of business is to give everyone the heads up on new fabrics, tools and classes that will be coming to the shop, as well as showing off the creations made by the staff and friends.

The next portion is my personal favorite- sharing our quilts with each other. The Scarlet Strippers are made up of women with varying quilting experience. From beginner to expert, we cheer each other on, ooh and ah over what has been accomplished and encourage each other with advice and compliments galore.
This is Gwen, who has not sewn since high school. Obviously she had no trouble finding her sewing mojo. Just look at her quilt! The ease of strip piecing makes it accessible for anyone to make a quilt in no time. Even if you think you have forgotten how to sew.

Each quilt is as individual as the woman who made it. Like fingerprints, no two will be alike. They will be similar because of the fabric choices, but the end result is an intimate view into the creative flow of each creator.

That creative process, combined with an achievable goal, delivers stunning results each and every time. The women who come early on that first Saturday morning leave with a sense of accomplishment and camaraderie that is unsurpassed.

Did I say women? Well, occasionally we will have a male stripper come visit as well.

Of course, the whole reason we gather is to hold that kit in our hands, read the new pattern over, in detail, with Karen and finally be able to see the quilt we will be making during the next month. You can actually feel the electricity as the moment of unveiling approaches. Trying to hold the suspense for as long as possible, Karen is compelled to reveal the newest piece of art with a cry of, "Will you please let us see the quilt!" Thank goodness she complies readily.

This is the quilt we will be making during the month of February. Photography does not do it justice. It is a breathtaking quilt, full of life and energy. Called Butterflies and Blossoms, it is one of the more challenging quilts we will have attempted up to this point. (I just know that there will be more challenges to follow!)
If you live in the area, come by and visit with us on the first Saturday of each month. I can promise you that you will be hooked immediately. Stripping has never been so fun!
For more information on the Scarlet Strippers, click on the badge on the side bar. It will take you right to the A Scarlet Thread website.


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