Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Wholecloth Friendship.

Welcome to A Thread of Red, the companion blog to A Scarlet Thread quilting and sewing shop!
We hope you will come and visit often, to read about what is happening at the shop, get ideas and tips and maybe learn something new here and there.

Imagine yourself as a single thread, weaving yourself along the warp and weft of life. Singly, you are a thing of beauty, unique and strong.

Joined with others, you become a part of a bigger design. Your individual qualities combine with other's to create a picture with more depth and color. The more you mingle together, the more you find yourself appreciating your commonalities as well as your differences. You start to reach out to these women beside you, learn from them and about them.

And then a magical thing occurs- you become friends. It is inevitable, because you have a common bond. In this case, it is quilting, sewing, a weakness for a soft piece of cloth or brightly colored threads. You know the feeling, don't you? Your heart beats faster, you find yourself picturing the exact spot where that fabric, or that one, will work best.

The only thing better than feeling such exhileration is to find a place where everyone feels the same way. That's what we see every day. Women who come through a door searching for a piece of cloth and leaving with a friendship, quickly and tightly woven together.

So, come back and visit often. We just love making new friends.

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