Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Goods.

Yes, more Shop Hop stuff! One of the benefits of going to Shop Hop was the treats that you received at each shop. From fat eighths to fat quarters, boxes of safety pins (great for quickly basting a quilt top!), tiny pouches and even scissor charms, each bag that was handed to shop-hoppers was a delight. The time and effort that went into each and every one is amazing.

And, of course, no quilt related event would be without quilt patterns! I think I have enough to keep me busy until the end of next year! I'd better get crack-a-lackin'!

I tried to be good about spending my dollars on things I knew I would use. I just didn't give myself a time limit on when that would occur. Take these two sweet pieces of Japanese import fabric from Intown Quilters. How cute are they? The little pigs (who speak French, by the way) and the tweeting birds will one day adorn a cute outfit for a grandchild. What? Yes, I know my children aren't married yet, but they will be one day. And yes, they are at that age.

Vintage feed sack reproduction prints made my heart go pitter-pat, each fat quarter more cute than the next. Once I have enough, I will use then in a quilt. Until then, they will be darling nestled in a basket on my sewing table. The two Civil War reproduction fabrics will be used to repair a quilt made by my great-great grandmother, the reason I am learning to quilt.

I had to buy these fat quarters at Little Quilts. The rooster reminds me of my grandmother's kitchen. Up over the stove hung a larger-than-life rooster my grandmother had created from paper and feathers. It was absolutely beautiful and these prints would definitely have found their way into her kitchen had she seen them. I'm thinking an apron will be just the things for these 1940's inspired prints.

And now for something completely different. This is my version of the Strip Club quilt which is due Saturday morning. I chose cocoa brown and a grassy green for my background and accent fabrics. I love how it makes the square-in-a-square pop. I have two more rows and then the borders and the top will be complete.

This started as a challenge, nearly taxing my skills to the maximum of their ability. But, I think it and I have reached a happy medium- it lines up where necessary and I don't cut it into bits. Now that's a compromise.


Betty said...

I can't imagine you doing anything that isn't just wonderful with all those fat must have so much fun!

parTea lady said...

You certainly made some great fabric purchases at the Shop Hop. Thanks for sharing your experiences over the four day event.

I love the color palette you chose for your strip quilt - it looks great.

Quiltgrany said...

I love these colors and it looked even better in person this morning. It inspired me to buy my fabrics for the kit and I also chose dark brown for a accebt color. Hopefully I will show it at next month's Strip Club.

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