Monday, April 27, 2009

In Process.

Before the fabrics shown in the previous post can become a something, a plan needs to be created. That is what I have been working on this weekend- a plan. The process of creating a pattern has many, many steps. What starts out as a cute idea, a sweet drawing on a slip of paper, turns into a huge monster of drawing and erasing, laying out and, even worse, math. I'm not such a fan of math.

I have put my tablet of graph paper through the mill this weekend. What began as a simple line sketch has transformed itself into a 5000-piece puzzle, right before my eyes. Laying it out, breaking it down into sections that will be easy to stitch together, assembling it over and over in my brain before it is finally put to paper, this is the stuff that creating and madness is made of.

Thank goodness I didn't decide to do something complicated for my very first pattern! I would never do one again. But this one, challenging as it has been, will turn out just dandy. A little fine-tuning and it will be ready for transfer to fabric in a day or so. Cross your fingers.

As you can see, I have given you just enough to tease and peak your curiosity. With a little courage and a whole lot of faith, I will finish it by the Friday deadline. And for the Scarlet Strippers, I'll bring it with me to strip club Saturday. Maybe. It all depends on how it turns out.

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Betty said...

I'm anxious for the final product...I can't 'read patterns'; so, I have no idea!