Monday, April 6, 2009

The Scarlet Strippers Strike Again!

Saturday morning found the Scarlet Strippers bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. Why? Well, because that was the day we shared our completed quilt tops for strip club! It is like Christnmas waiting for the girls to open up their quilts and spread them out for us to view.
My favorite part is seeing what colors they chose. Each quilt top speaks to the personality of the maker. Here are the completed tops from last month's Stars Aligned challenge:

This quilter has her quilt nearly completed, hand quilted, mind you!

Stars Aligned done in Mary Engelbreit's Recipe for Friendship line. This might possibly make me want to do another one.

No wonder Cilla is smiling, her quilt is bright and cheery! Perfect for Spring.

Soft blues and orange make for a stunning piece of workmanship!

Quintisential pink perfection make for quite the quilt confection. Her son was not amused. ;)

Another joyful yellow and green delight. Yellow was the hands-down favorite choice for the background of this quilt.

After the quilt show, it was on to the reveal of the newest pattern. This month? Chain, Chain, Chain. Now, tell me Aretha Franklin didn't just pop into your head?

Karen explains the step-by-step process until we all know what we are doing.

I always take a few photos as a guide for construction. You would not believe how handy these photos are when it comes time to sew!

And, Ta-Da! The completed sample quilt made by Harriet the Amazing Sample Quilt Assembler. Isn't it beautiful?

I have already started mine. It is nothing like the sample, but that is just fine. When you put your own twist to a pattern, the result is a quilt that speaks to your personality, individually yours. That's what makes quilting so much fun.


Betty said...

The quilts are gorgeous! Everyone does such beautiful work, and has fun doing it!

parTea lady said...

I loved seeing all these colorful quilts. Sounds like the Scarlet Strippers have a lot of fun making and showing off their quilts.

Quiltgrany said...

I can not wait to get mine started! I have to finish a quilt for my DH first before I cut any more fabric. :o( Maybe I can stay on task and finish his in a few weeks - I am handquilting it and of course it takes some time but he loves how the handquilting feels on a lap quilt.

Christy said...

Thanks for the comment about my son not being amused. I linked to my blog and all the grandparents got a kick out of it...they know him so well!