Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Hearth and Home.

At the beginning of May, two friends from my church are leaving to serve a two-year mission to Peru and Bolivia. It will be a teaching mission and one, I am sure, that will be filled with extraordinary experiences.
I was asked to make a small gift for each of them, something that would remind them of their friends back home in Atlanta. I chose to make a scarf for her and a tie for him, so that as each wraps about them they would feel as if they were receiving a hug from us.
The what chosen the how then became my main focus. I did a bit of research on the traditional colors of Peruvian and Bolivian dance costumes and found them to be bold, bright and beautiful. Perfect. I now knew how.
I chose a classic American quilt pattern, the Log Cabin and rendered it in the colors of their new home for the next two years.
The red square in the center represents hearth and home, a place of warmth, love and security. It is us, who will be here praying for their success as they teach the people of those two countries about the Gospel. It is their grown children, who will miss their parents while they are gone. It is their Heavenly Father, who will comfort and guide them.

The colors came from Mary Engelbreit's Recipe For Friendship charm squares. Could I have used anything else?

The scarf, that could also be used as a belt because my friend is very tiny. Two squares on one side for the time they will be gone and one on the other, for the unity they share.

Now, how am I going to make that tie?


Betty said...

What a lovely post! I know your friends will appreciate not only your wonderful creations, but the meaning behind them. You havE made something so very special for them! Good on ya!

parTea lady said...

The scarf is great and I'm sure the tie will be too. I love the Mary Englebreit fabrics. I think that it's terrific that you did some research about Peru before starting the project.

My friend Ruth's daughter is being commissioned today to do mission work in Peru.

Utah Grammie said...

What a wonderful way to receive a "long-distance" hug! You are soo very talented and these two lucky missionary's will be very impressed - and grateful!

Thistle Cove Farm said...

You are SO clever for not only making these items but for the thought that went into them. Your friends will always have something to remind them of God's love and your love and that reminds them they are being upheld in prayer.
God's blessings on them and on you, yours and the work of all your hearts and hands.