Thursday, March 5, 2009

Shop Hop 'Til You Drop.

Who ever came up with this idea is a genius in my book. Gather up a varied selection of local quilt shops, bind them with a theme and let them be inspired to create something that will make quilters everywhere drool with anticipation. Quilters drool a lot, don't they?
This year, the theme is "The Magic of Childhood". Each of the shops involved have come up with their own version of that theme and they are all so darn cute, I cannot wait to go see what they have to offer!
The Sweet Home Quilt Company has chosen "Grandma's Closet". I remember my grandmother's closet full of beautiful dresses and high-heeled shoes. It was like a jewel box of color and texture. Other grandma's may have had different closets, full of homespun frocks or woolen suits. I wonder which closet will be represented, or will they choose them all?
Tiny Stitches has chosen "Read Me a Story (and tuck me in with a quilt.)" Doesn't that conjure up the most charming image -Moms and children cuddled together, book in hand, heads on shoulders as a story unfolds? I spent many hours doing that very thing with my own children.
Little Quilts asks us to "Join Us Under the Big Top". Did you go to the circus when you were a child? I did and I can still feel the excitement of that day many, many (many, many!) years ago. When my husband and I took our children to see the circus, it was everything I remembered it to be- bright, colorful and exuberant. I am sure that circus-inspired quilts will be just as thrilling.
Red Hen Fabrics is taking us for "A Day At The Farm". Well, if that isn't right up this farmgirl's alley! Who here received fluffy, yellow chicks for Easter? Or maybe ducklings with their downy feathers pointing in all directions? Cows, anyone? Sheep, perhaps? Just the word "Farm" brings a sense of down-home goodness and nostalgia. Yep, farmgirl's the life for me.
Heritage Quilts & Fabrics shares the anticipation and joy of "Christmas Morning". Who wouldn't want to see what lies beneath the tree?
Intown Quilters will not be lazing about during this "Summer Vacation"! One of the most eagerly anticipated events in a child's lifetime- three months of bliss! Blue skies overhead and green grass tickling your toes, there was nothing better than that! Long bicycle rides, hula hoops, swimming, gigging frogs- What? You didn't gig frogs? You don't know what you missed!! But, don't miss this event!
Patrick's will be spending the "Weekend At Grandma's" My brother and I spent two weeks out of every summer at our grandparent's house. Grammy always had something for us to do- crafts, sewing, playing games, baking. The time we spent there was never boring and always one we looked forward to. Having fun, taking adventures, being spoiled, all are required when you are at Grandma's!!
Quilts and Fixin's is spending time in front of the TV for "Saturday Morning Cartoons". Wasn't that what everyone did on Saturday morning? Dash for the television, wait for it to warm up and then settle in for hours of Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Yosemite Sam, The Pink Panther, Foghorn Leghorn... the list of my favorites is pretty long, I'd better stop. Full of color, action, humor (that sometimes sailed right over our heads) cartoons were non-stop delight. Sadly, the day of the Saturday morning cartoon has passed. Yay for Quilts & Fixin's for bringing it back!
An at our own A Scarlet Thread, well, "It's A Birthday Party!" Now, how about that? A birthady party for each of us! There is nothing like having every attention to detail being made just for you. Now, I can give you a little hint as to what you will find at AST. But just a little one. When you think birthday party, don't you think party games? There will be some of those, as well as a little party favor to take home! 16 new quilts will be hung in the gallery to feast your eyes upon and of course, there will be tons of "Take 5" kits- a great grab and go, sit and sew project! AND, new fabrics are coming in and will be on the shelves just in time for the whole shebang!!
Now, if this does not make you want to grab your best friend, hop in the car and spend four (or three, or two) days chatting, ooh-ing and ah-ing, entering giveaways, making new friends and filling your mind with new ideas, I don't know what will.
So, start saving your pennies, mark your calendars and join us for Shop Hop 2009! I hope I will see you there.
PS- If you don't live in the Atlanta area, I will be writing all about it when it's is done. So, really, you won't miss a thing!


Betty said...

Wow, I surely do wish I could be in the Atlanta area during this! I'm so anxious already to see what everyone does!

Anonymous said...

I came to Scarlet Thread during last year's shop hop, and I have to say it was my favorite store!!! Besides all the extra special deals for our guild, everyone was so welcoming and friendly. The stock of fabric was amazing. I left with a desire to come back as soon as possible! I hope to make it back this year too. Thanks!